$10.00 - $20.00

With the amount of girls getting into skateboarding here in Adelaide...wouldn’t it be awesome to know that you come to a skatepark once a month, were there will be other girls to hang with?
As we continue to grow our presence in the Adelaide skateboarding community in 2023, we think it’s time to branch out to some new skatepark locations.

And this is what our CHOW Tuesdays are for!

The goal is to create regular CHOWFAM Skate Club ‘meeting points’ through out the School term (and School Holidays). We are passionate about creating a family friendly space, where girls don’t have to worry about / or feel intimidated by the boys. Our weekly Skate Club meets are where girls can come and get some skating tips, hopefully make new friends, and just have fun skateboarding together.

Our CHOW Tuesdays are held every 2nd Tuesday night @ 5.30 - 6.30pm.

* Cost : $20 per skater. Siblings or parents can join in for $10pp extra.

Flagstaff Hill Skatepark - every 2nd week starting Feb 6th until March 26th.

Our Skate Club will feature an all NEW format from past years sessions:
We will continue to run the skate sessions in our super chill way, where the girls can steer the session to what they want to learn. BUT, the difference this year is that we will be adding in some fun challenges to help them progress - at their own pace of course.

The nitty gritty -
* Please select PICK-UP when booking online.
* Be sure to add participants name and contact number at time of booking.
* All ages and abilities are welcome.
* Own helmet is required for participants under 18 years of age.
* Safety gear is recommended but not essential to join in.
* Loaner boards are available to use on the day.
* Each skater receives a CHOW welcome pack, featuring a CHOW School Bag Tag and CHOW Skate Club stickers to deck out their School Bag, Skateboard, and Helmet.

*And yes, brothers are definitely welcome to join in. We NEVER exclude the boys - our aim is to provide a space where girls know that they can come to the skatepark and have other girls to hang and skate with. Nothing is more RAD than a group of girls shredding it up!!

We know it will take time to get the word out there, so please do us a solid and tell your friends about us. So come on CHOWFAM, help us build an awesome community of skater CHICKS right here in little old Adelaide!
For more detailed information about our CHOW Tuesday sessions, head over to our respective 'ABOUT' page.

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