Southern International Women's Day Award - 2023

I feel incredibly blessed to be acknowledged and awarded for what I contribute to our Community!

As far as I know, there hasn't been a girls Skateboarding Club here in Adelaide before.

It may be because there hasn't been enough need / interest for it yet....or perhaps it's too hard for a business to make an income from it...But I believe that there is a need for a girls Skateboarding Club here in Adelaide -
A place where girls can feel a part of a group that's both AWESOME and meanginful.
And although it's been tricky to monetise from a business stand point, I've been trusting my gut and pushing forward  with it anyway, because I'm passionate about making our Community a better place.

I'll admit that I'm not sure where this journey will take me - all I know for certain is that I absolutely love sharing the love of skateboarding!

I spent the first 2 years trying to figure out where this is all going...deep down I genuinely want to help people, and have been volunteering my time to make other people happy. Nothing makes me hapier than being able to cheer someone up after they've had a bad day - 
Because I still remember what it felt like being bullied at school. Not fitting in with the 'cool kids' or being told 'go away, you can't play with us'. 
Girls can be horrible...and if you add on top of that - that our Skate Club has some participants who're from split families, who're on the spectrum, or are experiencing learning difficulties. That can create a whole lot of issues to try and cope with, especially at a young age!
That's why I love that CHOW (Chicks On Wheels) has been providing a safe place where girls can come and skate, chill out, and try something different.
It's common for some of our girls to tell me about their week, be it good or bad, and I think there's an added bonus for parents - knowing that their daughter has another safe space that they can vent to if needed.

I just wish more parents knew how beneficial skateboarding is for one's mental health! We love getting those happy endorphins cheers us up, AND there's a massive sense of pride that comes from knowing that not everyone can skateboard.

It's the BEST feeling ever...seeing our girls believe in themselves...give their full commitment...and crush their fear to learn a new skill. 
You can literally see their confidence and self-esteem grow!

And there's nothing more rewarding than that!
My Appreciation - 

I'm extremely grateful to have been nominated for a Southern International Women's Day Award!! 
I truly appreciate Erin Thompson MP for nominating me!! And thanks so much to Katrine Hildyard MP (Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing) for acknowledging the value that I bring to our Community.
I'd also like to give a special shout out to my fellow badass friend Chantal DeKyper for taking me dress shopping, for being my dinner date and for spoling me with flowers on the night!! Thanks for sharing the ride with me - I love ya chick!!

Women supporting Women really is the coolest!